Bulktronics | Electronics Online Stores | UK | Tech expert launches ‘chaperone’ app for party-goers who dread walking home alone at night
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Tech expert launches ‘chaperone’ app for party-goers who dread walking home alone at night

A TECHNOLOGY expert has launched an app that allows safety-conscious revellers hire a “bodyguard” to walk them home or back to their car late at night.

The app, called ‘My Chaperone’, which will be available on December 20 on iOS and Android, was designed to help people feel safe when out and about on their own.

Once users have enabled their geolocation and typed in the address they need to be picked up from, a “chaperone” will come to get them and walk them straight home.

The chaperones will set their own price, some will offer to walk users home for free, while others will charge anything between £2.50 and £4 for a 10-minute walk.

They will, however, pick users up whenever and wherever they want; whether they’re coming from a party, a restaurant, or have just been to see a late-night movie.Revellers can either call for a ‘citizen chaperone’ or a ‘private chaperone’ – the former will be someone from the user’s neighbourhood but who will only be available once or twice a week, while the latter will not necessarily live near the user’s home, but will be on call most nights.

The app’s founder, Fabien Boyaval, said that he came up with the idea for after one of his female friends was attacked while walking home alone late at night.

The French designer said: “People don’t always have someone who they can call and count on. And you’re less likely to get attacked if you’re seen walking with someone else.“That said, our ‘chaperones’ are not private bodyguards, they just help people get home safe.”

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